Our Model

Social Impact Enterprise

Drishti is a social impact enterprise that provides affordable eye care in under-served markets. Drishti is currently setting up hospitals and vision centers in markets that have limited or no provision for eye care.

Designed to cover BOP Segments

Our services are priced to enable even BOP segments to seek eyecare. Consultations at hospitals are priced at Rs 100, Prescription glasses are available from Rs 300 and Cataract surgeries from Rs 3800. We run out-reach programs to targetted BOP segments where consultations are free and glasses and surgeries are subsidised.

Covering a district for eye care

Drishti sets up one hospital with surgical facilites in a district. Vision centers supported over tele-medicine are setup in smaller towns (talukas) of the district. Our custom designed mobile vision center is used to cover villages

Grant Supported Programs

Every Drishti centre runs 2 key programs with the support of Grants. Our school screening program covers all goverment school children in the taluk. Children are provided free glasses, medicines and where required surgery.

In 2015 - 16, Drishti screened over 32,0000 children in government schools.
School Program
Our village screening program provides free consultation in villages. Subsidised glasses and medicines are provided where support is available. Free eye surgeries are conducted for patients aged over 60 from villages. These surgeries are possbile due to a grant of Rs 1000 per surgery from donors.

Our grant programs are possible thanks to the generous support of several companies and trusts. grant supporters

In 2015 - 16, Drishti provided free eye consultations to over 25,000 rural adults. Over 1000 free eye surgeries were conducted supported by grants.

Our Team

Kiran Anandampillai
Founder & CEO

is a telecom engineer and was a founding member of OnMobile, a company spun out of Infosys. He helped build OnMobile from a 10 people startup to over 1200 people with revenues over 550 crores. He quit OnMobile in Dec 2010 to work on projects that deliver social impact. He was a Volunteer – Technology at UIDAI till Aug 2012 and co-founded Drishti with Dr Rajesh and Anjali.
Contact: kiran @ drishticare.org

Anjali Joshi
Co-Founder & Director

a telecom engineer by training, she has been a designer for microwave equipment, a technical writer for security software and an excellent trainer. She has always been driven to help and support people in need and has been a counselor at Vishwas / Viveka, worked with the boys at Govt Observation Home (a place for juvenile deliquents) and set up a tele-medicine based primary health care center in a village and ran it for an year before co-founding Drishti with Kiran and Dr Rajesh
Contact: anjali @ drishticare.org

Dr Rajesh Babu B
Co-founder & Director

specialized first in Uveitis and has published several papers in the space. He worked at Shankar Nethralaya (Chennai) and Narayana Netralaya (Bangalore). His belief that many of the eye conditions must be caught earlier for the best treatment led him to persue an MSc in Public Health for Eye care at the ICEH, London (Home of the global Vision 2020 program). He is now focussed on building out the Drishti model for affordable eye care covering 1 district.
Contact: drrajeshbabu @ drishticare.org

Nishant Anand
Head Tele-Medicine & IT

worked with siemens in their medical software division before joining OnMobile. He helped build the core platforms at OnMobile and is an expert at creating scalable and highly reliable software for the cloud. He heads Drishti's initiatives in Diabetic Retinopathy screening and also builds all the EMR software that powers services at Drishti
Contact: nishant @ drishticare.org